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The OKF Club

Osei-Kusi Foundation / The OKF Club

Yukiyo Oda From Japan Testifies About Osei-Kusi Foundation.

The OKF Club

The OKF Club is made up of many diverse and distinguished individuals of all ages and professional backgrounds. All these wonderful people have something in common: a love for humanity, a passion to empower the youth, and a belief in the vision and mission of the Osei-Kusi Foundation.

Types of Membership

  • Executive Club Card
  • Business Club Card
  • Gold Club Card
  • Platinum Club Card
  • Elite Club Card
  • International Card

Our Vision

Our vision is to become Africa’s foremost youth-focused Foundation that helps millions of young people to discover their purpose and maximize their potentials.

How is the OKF Run?

The OKF is governed by a six-member Board of Trustees, made up of youth development experts, corporate executives and a legal luminary. The management team is led by an Executive President, management staff, support staff, and volunteers.

Recognition of the OKF’s Work

In 2017, the OKF was honoured by the National Philanthropy Forum (NPF) as the Foundation of the Year 2017. The OKF was winner of the Small & Medium Enterprises Ghana (SMEGA) High Impact Award in 2016; and, in the same year, the OKF was shortlisted amongst the Top Three ‘Businesses with a conscience’ at the Ghana Economic Forum excellence awards.

How is the OKF Funded?

The OKF is operated as a social enterprise and therefore relies on its self-generated funds to run its programmes. Funds are generated through contributions made by the OKF Club Card members, commissions from corporate partners, the sale of OKF books, and income from business consulting services provided by Dr Kofi Osei-Kusi.

Benefits to OKF Club Members:

  1. Each Member receives an OKF Club Membership Card.
  2. Weekly updates via Whatsapp and monthly newsletters via email.
  3. Membership offers access to OKF rural outreaches, prison visits and orphanage donation programmes.
  4. Free access to OKF dinners, cocktails, and other high networking events.
  5. Life insurance & welfare support from Vanguard Life Company (For Gold Card and above when paying with through Standing Order only.)
  6. Air travel support: Global Wings Travel & Tours offers specialised support services and great payment terms for OKF Club Card members.
  7. Membership offers access to speaking engagements at OKF events, conferences and awards ceremonies.
  8. School fees discounts: Members receive school fees discounts from a number of professional and vocational educational institutions.
  9. Vehicle Insurance Discounts: Members and their family/friends enjoy unbeatable discounts when they insure vehicles with Vanguard Assurance Company.
  10. Access to one-on-one mentoring/coaching with Dr Kofi Osei-Kusi.
  11. Nomination for international conferences and training programmes.
  12. Gym and swimming pool discounts from A&C Swimming Pool in Accra.
  13. Free Golf Lessons at Achimota Golf Club (For Platinum and Elite Card only.)
  14. Free Certificate when attending an OKF Training Event. (For Business Card and above only.)

*Please note: the benefits listed here are non-exhaustive as we continue to add new ones all the time. The current list of benefits, along with names of specific institutions, can be obtained from our Clients Relations Officer.

The OKF Card

A Premium Card for people passionate about humanity, love and youth development

Become a CLUB CARD Member

The OKF Clubcard is a reward card for caring people who believe in making the world a beautiful place by partnering with OKF through monthly contributions

Image Gallery

Visuals from some of our activities

Be an OKF Club Member Now!
Be an OKF Club Member Now!